Harper and the Bears' Debut Release Set for May 27th

Harper and the Bears want you to dance to the sound of a generation.

What began as an experiment to push their limitations has become a spiraling journey into introspection and groove.

Through spring-laden rhythms and infectious melodies, veteran songwriter, JGP Harper, alongside co-conspirators Chase Garner and Brandon Byington, have crafted a singular sound that moves feet and opens hearts.

Gold Ship Records’ first signing, Harper and the Bears have finished production on their debut record, Theta Waves, and are proud to announce it's release for May 27th.

Stay tuned for updates and pre-order availability!

Heyday of Rock and Roll Rises Again With Davie & The Untamed

No stranger to the harsh light of reality, Davie Smith revels in the desperation and honesty of man.

A veteran songwriter, his familiarity with reinvention is on top game with his new venture, Davie and The Untamed, an unbridled throwback to those halcyon days when rock and roll was an experiment.

The Untamed delivers a serpentine brand of rock and roll long lost with their upcoming LP from Gold Ship Records, Burn Slower.

At home in a city where strangers and friends are one and the same, be sure to catch Davie and The Untamed soon.